Mla research paper example

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Many writer essay proofreaderhave to write numerous essays during their studies. Most of them do not have a clue what it is and how to get started.

History throw-back

The word ‘essay proofreaderwas first used for in 1580 after a French author and philosopher named Michelle de Monten had used it in his work ‘Les Essais’.  This term was spread further in the 16th century. During that period an English philosopher and politician Francis Bacon started using  the word ‘essay ‘in his works actively.

What is an essay proofreader?

So, what does the word ‘essay’ mean? If you look this word up in the dictionary, you may notice some kind of duality. The meaning changes depending on what language it is translated from: French or Latin. Derived from the French word it means ‘attempt or try’. If it is derived from Latin, then the meaning is ‘the presentation of a case’.

In general meaning, an essay is a piece of writing with quite an open structure. As a rule, such compositions are focused on a particular issue, but it doesn’t need full coverage. An essay is based on the writer’s personal impressions and thoughts.

Essay features

There are not strict features of an essay, but there are some characteristics which should be taken into consideration. They are as follows:

•             Any essay proofreaderhas a specific theme or subject. If there are a few issues being studied at the same time then it is not an essay anymore.

•             Such compositions are based on the writer’s personal thoughts and impressions, that’s why they cannot give any objective information.

•             Being completely subjective, an essay gives more information about the writer than about the subject.

•             Subjectivity influences the character of writing. It can be either philosophical or critical.

•             Essays are loaded with rhetorical questions, associations, and figurative descriptions.

How to write an essay

Writing an essay develops the ability to:

•             Structure information

•             Use appropriate terminology

•             Find cause and reason

•             Use examples and arguments to prove points of view

An essay structure

As a rule, any typical essay consists of an introduction (where the topic is stated), a main body (which includes main points supported by examples) and a conclusion (this part summarizes everything mentioned above). Let us take a closer look at each part separately:

•             Introduction. It should consist of a couple of sentences which lead to the main point or argument of the essay.

•             Middle section. It is crucial to write two or three paragraphs in order to develop the idea properly.

•             Conclusion. It is an opportunity to wrap up the essay by reviewing all mentioned above main points. A good conclusion may include a quotation or a call for action.

It is interesting to know that not only students are required to write essays, some employers ask applicants to write something about themselves and the future career. That way, they try to figure out how creative and thoughtful a candidate can be. An essay is always based on personal knowledge and experience.