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If a person is used to being a small cog in a machine, then there is no need in learning how to write essays.  But if a person is ambitious and has a strong desire to be able to make right and powerful decisions, then without knowing how to write essays it will be impossible to achieve the desired goal.

Why is it important to write essays? This question is often asked by writer paper who do not usually give much thought to the importance of essay writing. The answer is always the same – no one really needs it. In fact, they couldn’t be more wrong. Essay writing develops logical thinking and consistent presentation of thoughts. A blank sheet of paper is in front of you and in order to fill it you brain has to work to the fullest. A person that is able to present thoughts consistently will always have an advantage over others which means this person is more likely to become a leader. Writing a composition requires focusing on one particular subject.  It seems there are no thoughts at first, but as soon as you start thinking ideas fly into your head. Here comes the hardest part which is the ability to sort them out. Even though you possess knowledge, your inability to present thoughts competently leads to misunderstandings.

Someone who is good at writing essays will always know how to analyze any life situation, move in the right direction and figure out ways out. If you know how to write compositions, you are an individual with your own opinion.

In a nutshell, essay writing helps improve all kinds of skills, not only does it enhance and expand you knowledge on various themes, but it also helps you share your thoughts and talents with those around you.